What's new in GTA 5?

GTA 5 is pleased with a lot of innovations and improvements.

Significantly improved graphics, now the world of GTA has become more realistic. Fixed bugs of collision of cars in water. It became more convenient to use the keyboard and steering wheel. Huge selection of cars and weapons.

The main innovation - it's just three game characters and the ability to freely switch between them. The main characters have their own super abilities, which lead to the fulfillment of missions to a completely different level. New missions and activities, unique and diverse for each character. New opportunities in the improved underwater world - research and diving, the search for interesting items on the ocean floor. A variety of sports activities - from yoga to basijjumping.

The main innovation and key moment of the gameplay in GTA 5 are bank robberies. A team of suitable people will help successfully cope with the task, which will require a fair payment for the work done. You can choose a cheaper option, but this can lead to the failure of the whole operation. You can quickly get rich by robbing a small store or a collector's car.

Mobile phone is still available to players, but it has much more functionality than previous versions, including Internet access.

For the first time in the series there were animals. There are a lot of them and players can interact with them.

Hurry up and try the updates, download GTA 5.