Ending the game

Endings in the game GTA 5 only three. You can kill Trevor or Michael, or even all enemies.

Option one. Kill Trevor. On behalf of the Federal Reserve Bank, Franklin needs to get rid of Trevor and he asks for help from Michael, who, although reluctant, but agrees to do so. Trevor learns of Franklin's plans and avoids meeting with the latter, tries to escape. Michael, however, blocks the way to Trevor, ramming his car. The gas tank stops the car Trevor and Michael (or Franklin) shoot at her. Trevor is killed, and the relationship of the other two is coming to naught.

Option two. Davin Weston instructs to kill Michael Franklin, who asks for help from Trevor. And Trevor is not going to help him in this. Franklin decides to cope alone and appoints Michael a meeting. Arriving at the site, Michael begins to guess about the plans for Franklin and tries to escape, hiding in the fuel tank. However, we can not escape (in any case, Michael will fall from the tower) and Michael dies. And Trevor and Franklin stop talking.

Option three. Franklin does not want to kill either Trevor or Michael and he seeks advice from Lester. He advises to get rid of both, but at the last moment decides that it's better to cheat and lure his enemies into a place where gold is melted down. The team consisting of Michael, Franklin and Trevor manages to get rid of agents and they come up with the idea to solve all the enemies at once. They manage to do it, and they decide to take refuge in a safe place for a while. The former friendship of Michael and Trevor is being restored.