Heroes' Great Abilities GTA 5

Only in this part of the game GTA 5 heroes appeared super abilities, which allow them to be one step ahead of other heroes. Each of the characters has their own special skills.

Franklin can slow down the time when driving a car, providing maneuverability to his car. Franklin, like the other heroes, has a scale of skills that must be constantly replenished. To do this Franklin, you need to be careful on the road and avoid accidents, jump out onto the oncoming lane, take the maximum speed on the road.

Michael's feature is the ability to slow down the shooting time. So he has the opportunity to better aim. Michael can make up for the skill scale by driving at high speed, killing an opponent with a direct hit in the head, or simply eliminating it in close combat.

Trevor, like a slightly unbalanced hero, received a super fever of a fit of rabies. When he is in this state, his own damage compared to the enemy's damage is simply nothing. And enemies get a double dose of blows. To fill the skill scale, Trevor must also drive at high speed, kill opponents and get beaten by himself.