The story of the game GTA 5

The story of GTA 5 originates in 2004, the action takes place in the dismal city of Ludendorff of Northern Yankton. Three friends: Brad Snyder, Trevor Phillips and Michael Townley fall under bombardment of the Federal Reserve Bank after the bank robbery, only Trevor manages to escape. Subsequently it turns out that Michael staged his death and fell under the wing of the FRB under the new surname "De Santa."

Many years have passed. The players are presented with a new Los Santos, 2013. And each of his friends has his own life. Michael's relationship with his family does not add up, his wife will change, the children went on an incline. Therefore, Michael visits the therapist, however, not including his methods effective.

Events are twisted in such a way that Michael gets involved in a mess associated with his son. Michael's son sold a stolen car, for which he can not pay. For the debt, he tries to take the car away, but Michael does not allow it. Franklin (the same hijacker and at the same time a car salesman working for the owner of the Simon Yatarian car dealership) drives into the Yatarian auto show, breaking the window, which is why he is losing his job.

From this moment relations are established between Franklin and Michael. Franklin offers a new acquaintance cooperation.

In the course of further events, Michael is in trouble because of his wife Amanda. Now he owes a large sum of money to the famous Mafiosi Martin. To repay the debt, Michael, along with Franklin, is robbing a jewelry store. Thus, it is possible to pay off with Martin and for some time to hide.

But in the news release, Trevor (an old friend of Michael from their once-strong trinity) recognizes Michael in one sentence. Trevor's acquaintance helps him find Michael, but, it seems, no longer have any friendships back ... However, further adventures make friends engage in one common cause.