GTA 5 contains a lot of different secrets and Easter eggs, which, probably, in this version more than in all the previous ones taken together. Discover most of them can be quite simple, although, some still require special attention.

Popular now zombies got to GTA 5. A completely peaceful and completely bloodthirsty zombie can meet you on the street Vaynvud. You can have fun and just chat with the rebels from the dead, or you can finish it off, it's up to you.

The Predator mission makes it possible to slightly open the curtain over the story with Bigfoot, or the so-called snowman. It can be observed for a few moments in the thermal imager's screen from the helicopter. But that's all. And only after the complete passage of the game, in an additional mission, the mystery of the yeti will be fully revealed.

There is a frozen alien in GTA 5 (you can see it not only because of narcotic hallucinations, as developers like to joke), but also as if for real. This is an exact copy of the stranger from the "Alien".

The ghost on Mount Gordo. One hour before midnight, on this mountain, one can observe the ghost of a woman, whom, as the legend says, in the heat of quarrel, her own husband dropped from the cliff.

In addition, there are many more mysteries and references to famous movies, different games and previous versions of GTA.