Heroes GTA 5

In GTA 5 there are three main characters, each of them has its own, unlike the other, story. Each hero is endowed with certain character traits, he has his own range of interests, his favorite pursuits and hobbies, they also have their habits and skills. The means of transportation of the characters differ. The main feature of the game is that you can switch between characters almost at any time, passing them certain missions together. The developers admit that first they came up with Michael, and only then Trevor and Franklin. The original version of the game and did not assume the presence of just three game characters, but then the developers supported the idea of ...one of their team members to create several characters.

Michael de Santa (formerly Townley) is a bank robber in the past, a member of a robber team and at the same time friends who had to part from another robbery in the face of the circumstances. Michael came under the program to protect the witnesses of the Federal Reserve Bank and lay down for a while. He is 48 years old, he has a family with whom he lives in the prototype of Beverly Hills - Rockford Hills. Michael has two children, but neither with them nor with his wife does not have a relationship.

Trevor Phillips is a mentally unbalanced former pilot, a military man. In the past, he was in one illegal group of robberies with Michael. He is 42 years old. He is considered mentally unbalanced.

Franklin Clinton is the youngest character in the game, an African American of 25 years. He gets acquainted with Michael in one of the troubles and leaves his former employer Simon Yatarian.