Interesting facts

There are a lot of different interesting facts in the game GTA 5.

For example, at midnight and in bad weather in the house of Michael, you can find a cat.

Parallels between the 5th and 4th parts of the game. Michael says: "It feels like we are examining the entrails of the Statue of Happiness" during the robbery of one of the bases. This statue is found in the 4th part, entering the statue inside you could see her heart.

The number 69 company Rockstar Games is not the first time. This time the difference between the release of the gameplay trailer and the release of the game is exactly 69 days.

British parody of the way of life of Americans considers the game GTA 5 weekly UK The Economist.

Passing 100 percent of the game, the "The Last One" mission becomes available for Franklin. Here you can see a UFO, as well as a 100% inscription on one of Franklin's T-shirts.

Parallels are drawn with real life in the field of telephones. Windows Phone for the psycho, Android for the average and iPhone for the rich uncle.

If you dive too deep in a bathyscaphe, the character may die. Warning is the darkening of the screen.

It's best not to leave your transport unattended and not toss, fleeing from the pursuit of cops. After all, to return it, you have to pay a fine of $ 250 on the penalty area.