Easter eggs

GTA 5 can be called a whole collection of references to various films and games, meeting which, players experience unexpected joy. Just from the sight of familiar objects, and wondering how much in the world everything interesting. Who watched the movie "Lost" recognizes the hatch with a shining bright light. It is better not to be near him, but to find and look on the map, otherwise the player dies instantly.

On the seabed you can find the skeleton of a huge monster. Some draw a parallel with the Loch Ness monster, but most likely it's just the remains of a large whale.

Many flying saucers, UFOs and other evidence of extraterrestrial civilizations are found in the 5th GTA. The broken UFO plate now covers the waters of the ocean. It can be reached by submarine.

In Vinewood Hills you will find a mansion that painfully resembles Playboy's house from the previous version.

There is a reference to the film "Thelma and Louise," a sensation among feminists.

To find the big orange ball, go to the area of... Vinewood Hills and at the end of the road, on the roof of the site you can push it down to break the fence.

Look for Easter eggs and you, you just need to download GTA 5 and explore the endless world of the game, finding everything new and new in different missions and assignments.