Download GTA 5 on PC

Grand Theft Auto 5 - the new version of the game in the GTA series with the world, which is at the player's disposal, in the action genre. The developer is Rockstar North, and publisher is Rockstar Games. For the creators of the 5th part of the game is the largest and most important project during their existence. Igromaniya (magazine-review of all popular games) dubbed the game the title of "The best action movie of 2013". We recommend downloading GTA 5 on PC right now.

For the version on the PC, the developers prepared a substantially modified graphics with a high resolution, increased the rendering range, textures were worked out in more detail, more dense traffic. The multiplayer mode for playing GTA 5 online is also changed. Many new weapons and machines. As in the fourth part, this version has a built-in video editor.

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GTA 5 characters

There is one more distinctive feature that exists only in the 5th GTA: switching from one protagonist to another (there are three in total, and this is the first time in the history of GTA) at almost any moment. Some missions provide only two players out of three, there are also missions in which character switching is embedded in the script. On the circular selector of the game you can choose the main character. Missions in the game 62. This is the main. There are many additional. The game involves three possible endings of the game, so the number of missions is increased to 69 (missions with robberies can be done in more than one way). You can download GTA 5 on our website, and start your adventures with all three GTA characters and a huge open world!

GTA 5 map

Los Santos becomes the main arena for the development of the game (a parody of Los Angeles), with its adjoining territories - the so-called Blaine district. In addition, a couple of missions you can take in the city of Ludendorff, he is part of the state of North Yankton. Here an analogy is drawn with North Dakota, which is located next to the Canadian border. Northern Yankton is closed to the heroes of the game, except for only a few missions. The rest of the card is at your disposal for playing without limits initially. You will see the part of the map that your character has already explored. Gradually, your character will be able to see the entire map, consisting of 39 districts.

Mission and Game Features

In this part of the game assignments and missions were given special attention. Each of the characters has a set of absolutely unique missions, you can switch between them freely, choosing one or the other player. All missions are exciting and very diverse from small chases to real steep robberies.

Each character has his own hobby. The opportunities for development in this game are simply amazing:

  • - Underwater space. Detailing the underwater world in GTA 5 is carried out as qualitatively as the surface area. The player can even run a bathyscaphe and dive, exploring the water expanses.
  • - Sport. Extensive sports opportunities, including yoga, tennis, golf, triathlon and other activities
  • - Trading on the stock exchange. Tracking stock prices on the game sites and participating in transactions. Blackmail and elimination of competitors due to insider information.
  • - Shops and entertainment. A huge selection of places where you can spend cash and relax after exhausting chases and robberies.
  • - Communication. Internet in mobile devices

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